Auto Repair Shop Prioritizes Work-Life Balance as Employee Benefit

Shawn Gilfillan, owner of Automotive Magic, in Kenvil, NJ, and Magic Lube & Rubber in Lake Hopatcong offers free Life Calibration training to all employees to promote balance between work and life beyond work for all employees.  

KENVIL, N.J., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study by the National Automobile Dealer Association predicts an extreme shortage of auto repair technicians is only going to get worse if industry trends continue.  With more than 75,000 open positions for auto repair mechanics each year, but less than 40,000 workers completing training programs or trade schools, Shawn Gilfillan owner of Automotive Magic, in Kenvil NJ, and Magic Lube & Rubber in Lake Hopatcong, has bet on bolstering company culture as a way to attract and retain top talent.

This summer, Gilfillan began offering employees at his two locations in New Jersey free training from Life Calibration.  Life Calibration provides simple life-balancing tools via on-site or online workshops. Life Calibration seminars are designed to help overextended employers and employees to gain more fulfillment, clarity, and perspective, to ultimately find balance and joy in the work-life conundrum. Gilfillan says that helping his employees to regain a bit of professional/personal balance has been a boon for employee retention. Ultimately, he expects it to aid in recruiting talented technicians to his auto repair shops. 

“We love to invest in training like this because it’s very important to us that our employees’ lives work for them–both inside and outside of the shop,” Gilfillan said.

Gilfillan selected Life Calibration training in part because the founder, Eddie Lawrence is himself a longtime owner of a diesel and semi-truck repair and fleet maintenance company. “His personal experience with career burnout in the vehicle repair industry gives him a great deal of credibility. The reframing and prioritization of what matters in life that is emphasized in the Life Calibration workshop would probably apply to any industry, but it truly hits the mark for our team,” Gilfillan says.

Creating a company culture that employees want to be a part of has been part of Gilfillan’s recruiting and retention strategies since he first opened Automotive Magic in 2003.

 “I’ve worked hard to provide benefits to employees that make their lives better. We have a history of investing in our team’s education and training. We offer a five-day workweek.  We offer performance-based bonuses, so when the shop thrives, our auto repair technicians thrive.”

Continuing he said “We are a family-owned business and it’s important to me that our team feels like a family and knows that we take care of our family. Offering useful personal tools in addition to professional training is our way of encouraging our team to thrive by balancing work and life outside of work.”

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