Will Scare the Auto Industry

Customers need inside information from a salesperson to save thousands.

SAN DIEGO, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬† announces they’ll be offering car purchasing and negotiation consultative services nationwide. AAS helps customers save money and understand the car buying process from an insider’s perspective with the help of AAS’s experienced consultants- salespeople who are active in the auto sales industry, and who know where customers usually get gauged.

At its core, is a car purchasing and contract negotiation coaching service. Consultants assist the consumer to find the best car for them for the best deal, and they provide the tools needed to make that happen.

A key understanding of Ask A Salesperson is knowing that customers can’t improve on car buying skills if they do it so infrequently. The intention is to give the customer guidance on what to expect, how to counter it, and how to take control with a step by step process that’s been customized to their buying needs. AAS uses the teachings of the auto industry against them and brings their practices into the light, into full view of consumers.

"We have worked long enough in the auto industry to understand that the customer needs support. The most profitable customer for the auto industry is the least informed. We feel there needs to be a revolutionary change to support the consumer and to alter the industry for the better. It doesn’t have to be the least favorite thing someone does every five years." – Jesse Olson, Owner.

Very few customers fit the mold of the basic information offered on third-party car sites, which are sponsored by the auto industry. puts the customers’ needs first, and they assist the customer to understand their financial profile, vehicle needs, and much more.

Founded in 2021, began as an informative podcast explaining general information about vehicle transactions. Demand for advice has grown the services into one on one customer support. Its first target is to save a million dollars for its customers within a year.

Jesse Olson
Ask A Salesperon

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