Americase to Lead Training on Multimodal Battery Packaging at COSTHA 2024 Annual Forum & Expo

Course will delve into types of packaging to be used for safe transport of li-ion batteries as required by 49 CFR, ICAO / IATA, IMDG Code

WAXAHACHIE, Texas, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Americase, a leading manufacturer of protective containers for hazmat and high value goods, announces its exclusive training session on lithium battery packaging requirements at the upcoming COSTHA 2024 Annual Forum & Expo, April 21-26 in Fort Myers, Florida.

The training session, spearheaded by Americase experts Chris Egloff, VP of Sales for the Lithium & Hazmat Division, and Andrew D’Rozario, Sales Engineer, Hazmat, will focus on the crucial aspects of packaging for the safe transportation of lithium batteries. Covering ground, air, and water transport modes, the four-hour course will delve into the types of packaging mandated by 49 CFR, ICAO / IATA, and IMDG Code regulations.

“At Americase, safety and compliance are at the forefront of everything we do,” said Robby Kinsala, CEO of Americase. “This training session underscores our commitment to educating industry professionals on the best practices for battery packaging across various transportation modes.”

Compliant with 49 CFR §172.704, IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Sub-Section 1.5, and IMDG Code Chapter 1.3, attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of regulatory requirements and general packaging guidelines. The session will cover UN specification packaging, including test requirements, procedures, and results analysis. Additionally, non-specification packaging, limited quantity requirements, and specific packaging mandates for air shipments will be discussed in detail.

“COSTHA provides a cost-effective mechanism for companies to monitor regulatory change in the Dangerous Goods transportation industries, network with other member companies on common transport challenges, and interact with domestic and international regulatory authorities on current and future regulations that may impact emerging technologies,” said Tom Ferguson, COSTHA Administrator. “Our organization is dedicated to providing our members access to the resources they need to conduct their businesses safely and compliantly and to the DG transportation authorities that revise and update the transportation regulations.”

Upon completion of the course, attendees will undergo a comprehensive examination, with successful participants receiving a training certificate, affirming their understanding of battery packaging regulations and protocols.

For those looking to enhance their knowledge and ensure compliance in lithium battery transportation, Americase’s training session at COSTHA 2024 Annual Forum & Expo is an invaluable opportunity.

About Americase
Founded in 1985, Americase is a global leader in the custom design and manufacture of cutting-edge protection containers for the transportation and storage of hazmat and high value goods. Dedicated to mission-critical problem-solving innovation, the company provides efficient and effective answers to even the most complex shipping and storage problems. Americase supports customers across various industries and organizations, including consumer electronics, data centers, automotive, airline and general aviation, oil and gas, power tools, recreational vehicles and micromobility devices, space and exploration, U.S. Military, medical devices, and semiconductors.

COSTHA – the Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, is an industry association devoted to promoting regulatory compliance and safety in the transportation of dangerous goods. COSTHA members represent a wide variety of global, multi-modal shippers, carriers, manufacturers, logistics providers, training companies and suppliers. The organization provides an avenue for members to bring forward hazmat transportation challenges, collaborate on solutions, and to advocate for harmonization and regulatory alignment based on risk with transportation authorities. COSTHA represents members’ interests globally through the US DOT-PHMSA, Transport Canada, Mexican SICT, UN Subcommittee on DG Transport, and Joint ADR/RID Meeting. Involvement at this level allows members to introduce new technologies, share industry practices, and when possible, avoid unnecessary or restrictive regulations that could become practical challenges in modal implementation.

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