Alpine Group Teams Up with TrusTrace, Apparel Impact Institute, Keel Labs, Black Pearl to Bring Fashion Industry Transformation to the Forefront of COP28

DUBAI, UAE , Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alpine Group, the end to end textile innovation and apparel manufacturing group, whose brand partners include Lululemon, The North Face, Under Armour and Columbia, has today announced that it will join forces with fashion industry titans including TrusTrace, The Apparel Institute, Keel Labs, Samata Pattinson, Founder and CEO of Black Pearl and Julia Gulatee, One Young World Climate Ambassador, to host a first-of-its-kind panel at COP28 – the world’s most highly regarded gathering for climate action. 

Taking place December 6th at 13.30 at the Climate Action Stage at the Sustainable Innovation Forum, “Beyond Aspirations: Taking Concrete Actions in the Fashion World” hosted by the Alpine Group, will bring fashion industry transformation to the forefront of global conversation by providing concrete, implementable strategies for fashion industry players to adopt sustainable practices. 

Panellists will explore innovative technologies, green processes and next-gen materials that can drive significant reductions in carbon emissions throughout the supply chain to inspire action. Additionally, the panel will delve into the complex relationship between policy, regulation and consumer expectations amongst the growing concern of greenwashing in the fashion sector.

Clare Woodford, Global Director of Impact and Engagement said: “Alpine Group recognises the pivotal role it plays in shaping the industry’s sustainable future and is committed to being at the forefront of catalysing concrete changes across the fashion supply chain. Hosting key industry experts is not just an opportunity; it’s a collective commitment to addressing the challenges head-on and unveiling actionable solutions.

The importance of implementing concrete change across the industry cannot be overstated. Through collective and tangible actions, we have the opportunity to not only meet consumer expectations, but to redefine industry standards and pave the way to make fashion fit for the future.”

A key challenge in understanding and improving the impact of the fashion industry has been the lack of visibility into deeper tiers of the value chain, which has made it difficult to gather the validated data necessary to discover and manage ESG risk across full portfolios. However, scalable solutions do exist to enable brands and suppliers to collaborate and to facilitate funding for sustainable transformation.

“Concrete actions to improve Fashion’s impact on climate have not been thoroughly explored at COP gatherings in the past, and we’re proud to elevate this conversation to the global stage and inspire brands to take action with the methods and technologies available to them today,” said panellist Saravanan Parisutham, Co-founder and COO of TrusTrace. “By bringing together key fashion industry experts, we can provide insight into how brands can turn their sustainability goals into actions with transparency and data traceability.” 

Panellists include: 

  • Moderator Clare Woodford, Global Director, Impact and Engagement, Alpine Group
  • Saravanan Parisutham, COO of TrusTrace
  • Lewis Perkins, President of the Apparel Impact Institute
  • Samata Pattinson, Founder and CEO, Black Pearl
  • Julia Gulatee, One Young World, Climate Ambassador (Fashion Pact and formerly Chanel’s policy team)
  • Aleks Gosiewski, Co-Founder and COO at Keel Labs

For more information, click here. To watch the session live, click here.

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Alpine Group is advancing the future of fashion as a progressive, trusted partner to the world’s leading brands, co-creating new, sustainable possibilities for products, people, and the planet.

With over 40 years of mastery in textiles and apparel, Alpine Group combines data-driven innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and industry-leading capabilities to chart the way forward in revolutionizing the fashion lifecycle. The group brings to market consciously crafted, award-winning materials with agility, while elevating standards of ethical sourcing and production to empower over 10,000 team members and strengthen communities worldwide. 

As a globally connected, end-to-end fashion delivery platform that runs from fiber to fashion, Alpine Group has helped drive business success with renowned brands that include The North Face, Sweaty Betty, American Eagle Outfitters, Under Armour and GAP Inc.

Founded by Ashok Mahtani and Lalu Mahtani who combine their decades of expertise in material innovation and apparel manufacturing, Alpine Group has evolved from a family business into a pioneering global enterprise that is setting new benchmarks for the future of fashion.

Alex Apparels is the largest global exporter of apparel in Egypt and has received recognition from the Egyptian government for not only preserving all jobs amid the pandemic, but also taking prompt action to prioritize the health and safety of all team members. With 5,600 team members and operating 3,500 machines, Alex Apparels currently produces 27 million garments each year and was recently recognised by the Export Council of Egypt as the country’s number one exporter of apparel for 2021/22.

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Paradise Textiles is the dedicated innovation hub of Alpine Group, driving cutting-edge research and innovation on sustainable materials, performance, and advanced manufacturing to reinvent the fabric of fashion.

Simultaneously a creative problem-solving enterprise and a trendsetting laboratory that taps into a wider network of technologists, scientists, and partners throughout the world, Paradise Textiles consistently sets the agenda and leads industry exploration into game-changing materials, textiles, and processes that anticipate emerging consumer needs. 

Such agility in innovation is a distinct characteristic that Paradise Textiles thrives on, helping propel Alpine Group’s ambition to make fashion fit for the future. The innovation hub oversees a running pipeline of material, technological, and process innovations that aim to address various aspects of the sustainability challenge and move the needle in concrete ways for the fashion industry at large.

About TrusTrace 

Founded in 2016, TrusTrace offers a market-leading platform for supply chain traceability and compliance enabling brands and suppliers around the world to standardize how supply chain and material traceability data is captured, digitized and shared. Through providing access to validated supply chain data, TrusTrace empowers brands to know, prove and improve the impact of their supply chain, and the data can be used for risk management, compliance, product claims, footprint calculations, the ability to confidently and easily share data about product origin and impact, and much more.

TrusTrace is leading global-scale traceability programs for many of the world’s largest brands, and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in India, France and the US. Please visit to learn more.

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