Alba Wheels Up and Announce Partnership Bringing Forced Labor Compliance Solution to Middle-Market Companies

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y., Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alba Wheels Up, an industry-leading customs broker serving the apparel, semiconductor, and other primary focus industries, announces a partnership with supply chain intelligence technology provider giving traders tools to combat potential supply chain disruption that may arise from enforcement of the Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA).

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) technology vendor since 2020,’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) ingests and processes open source data in every language in real-time from news reports, social media, and tasked satellite imagery to arrive at a risk score based on the trade and shipping data received, including entry data.

UFLPA was signed into law in December 2021, and CBP began enforcement in June 2022. The reach of the law expands beyond direct exports of the Chinese province of Xinjiang to manufactured products of other countries which could contain raw materials or components originating from the region.

The legislation contains a rebuttal provision wherein any shipment containing something originating from the region is presumed violative. Automated supply chain transparency solutions have been developed to help importers work toward compliance.

“The scoring Alba and are providing to importers is designed to work toward due diligence and be part of an overall compliance program. The CBP Operational Guidance Document for Importers issued in June 2022 mentions Supply Chain Mapping and Tracing as a valuable tool,” says Alba’s EVP of Growth and Strategy, Vincent Iacopella.

Alba and believe this to be a powerful tool in helping importers map the supply chain to determine if forced labor is present, given the data sourcing and methodology used to reach a determination.

“We believe the platform’s use of Auto Machine Learning, Open-Source Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides the best solution to demonstrate due diligence for US Customs UFLPA guidelines,” added Tom Rump, CEO of “At we take customer data privacy seriously. We ensure that customer data is not compromised in any way, thereby protecting a company’s privileged information. Our system then produces an easy to interpret score to gauge the relative level of compliance.”

“This is a powerful tool available today for importers wishing to support their compliance programs to minimize risks in the supply chain,” adds Iacopella.

More information on the partnership including pricing and scheduling a demonstration of the platform is available on Alba’s website at

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Alba Wheels Up is a leading player in customs brokerage, freight forwarding, business intelligence, and trade services. With a commitment to providing innovative solutions, Alba Wheels Up has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the logistics and supply chain industry.

About is an industry leader in data and technology solutions for supply chain risk intelligence, specializing in the prevention of forced labor in global supply chains. The platform is at the forefront of forced labor risk assessment, setting the industry standard for compliance and transparency.

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