Adsposure Announces Winners of the 2022 Transit Awards

Adsposure Celebrates the Second Annual Transit Awards and Recognizes Top Transit Advertising Campaigns

CINCINNATI, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Adsposure, a leading U.S. based transit advertising company, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the second annual Transit Awards. The awards celebrated the top transit advertising campaigns from the various markets and transit systems that Adsposure serves. The awards are held to recognize the outstanding work done by the various creative teams, agencies, and in-house marketing teams in the past year. This second year’s program ended up surpassing the first year’s participation, reaching nearly 12,000 votes.

The Transit Awards featured 104 nominees from different industries that utilized Adsposure’s effective transit advertising solutions such as bus billboards, full wraps, and street furniture such as benches and buses to reach their target audience. The nominees included businesses of all sizes, ranging from local small businesses to some of the most recognizable brands in the world and for a variety of campaigns and goals such as community awareness, hiring, growing a client base or brand awareness. The voting for the awards took place over a two-week period, with the final votes being counted on March 31st.

“It’s exciting to see that these communities and companies want to continue to share about these transit campaigns,” said Alex Souders, Director of Marketing for Adsposure. “The awards give us an opportunity to showcase the amazing creativity and innovation that goes into these campaigns that run for a limited period of time.”

The nominated campaigns were judged based on various criteria, including creativity, impact, and effectiveness. The winners of the Transit Awards were chosen based on the number of votes received from the community.

The Winners

  • The Biggest Impact Award:
    • Chicago – Feldco
    • Cincinnati – Jolly Plumbing
    • Des MoinesSimpson College
    • Fort Worth – Trail Drive Management Corp. – Dickies Arena
    • Kansas City – Harriman-Jewell Series
    • Lexington – Central Bank Annual
    • Nashville – Nashville State Community College
    • Northern KentuckyRising Star
    • San Antonio – SeaWorld
  • The Community Awareness Award:
    • Chicago – Shriners Hospital
    • Cincinnati – LifeCenter
    • Des Moines – DMOS
    • Fort Worth – The Parenting Center
    • Kansas City – League of Women Voters
    • Lexington – Lexington Humane Society
    • Nashville – Nashville Health Disparities Coalition
    • Northern Kentucky – Northern Kentucky Health Department
    • San AntonioGo Public
  • The Creativity Award:
    • ChicagoDominican University
    • CincinnatiChrist College of Nursing
    • Des Moines – Ballet Des Moines
    • Fort WorthBilly Bob’s Texas
    • Kansas City – Immersive Van Gogh
    • Lexington – Good Foods Co-Op
    • Nashville – WeGo (Nashville Zoo)
    • Northern Kentucky – Northern Kentucky Health Department
    • San AntonioSouth Padre Island
  • The Eye-Level Award:
    • ChicagoElgin Community College
    • Cincinnati – Caracole
    • Des Moines – Employee & Family Resources
    • Fort Worth – Fort Worth Zoo
    • Kansas City – Truman Medical Center
    • Nashville – Tennessee Tech University (Gov’t Highway Safety)
    • Northern Kentucky – Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
    • San Antonio – CPS Energy

Adsposure is committed to providing innovative transit advertising solutions to businesses of all sizes. The Transit Awards is just one example of the company’s dedication to creating interactive and engaging ways to build awareness of transit advertising and the awesome creative that is roaming U.S. streets and serving the public every day.

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