A Top Wisconsin Trucking Company with a Track Record for Driver Satisfaction Shares Insights on Attracting and Retaining Commercial Truck Drivers

PLYMOUTH, Wis., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Service One Transportation, Inc., a full-service transportation, and logistics provider, is attracting and keeping top truck drivers at a time when driver turnover is a problem. The family-owned trucking company is profoundly changing the industry by identifying the primary reasons why drivers quit and addressing them with outstanding results. Service One is sharing their findings and educating the industry on how to create business practices that keep drivers happy.

Driver satisfaction is influenced by a variety of factors, which include pay. Mike Myszewski, Vice President of Service One, says that "We offer competitive pay per mile for Over the Road drivers and have a customer base that provides consistent miles, so drivers do not have to worry about not getting enough miles each week. We also have stop pay, detention pay, and layover pay if necessary. Local drivers are paid very competitive hourly rates and have the option of working overtime." He adds that, "all drivers are eligible for a quarterly performance bonus."

Truck drivers are, by definition, frequently away from home. Service One works with drivers to alleviate the stress of time away by providing family-driven schedules. OTR drivers typically leave on Sunday or Monday, depending on where they are delivering, and the goal is to have them home by Friday so they can take restarts from home the following week. They don’t expect drivers to be gone for weeks at a time; it’s out from Wisconsin and back for another load or a break. Service One, on the other hand, is accommodating if drivers want to run more miles and restarts on the road.

Likewise, supervision plays a role. If a driver doesn’t have a good rapport or relationship with a supervisor, that driver may end up quitting. To avoid this scenario, Service One Management provides support to their valuable driver force. To begin, it is important to be open about the loads they will be running and to do everything possible to maximize the drivers’ miles while remaining flexible with their schedules and required home time. Making certain that when things go wrong on the road, drivers know that they can call for help at any time and in any situation.

The dispatcher also plays an integral part in assuring a driver feels supported behind the scenes. The Service One dedicated dispatch team works around the schedules and skill sets of the drivers. Dispatchers do not place drivers in situations in which they are uncomfortable, and they take immense pride in getting to know each driver on a personal level.

The trucking industry adheres to a slew of rules and regulations that are rigorous and at times daunting.

The Service One team handles much of the regulatory process, allowing drivers to focus on what they do best. The company collaborates with drivers to navigate the challenges by providing them with crucial information about the loads, where they are going, delivery times, good contact information, and finding places to sleep close to the customer. The more information a driver has, the better prepared they are to make a successful on-time delivery while adhering to hours-of-service regulations. 

Finally, a driver must feel valued. Pay and benefits must be competitive and appropriate for the job. Additionally, A driver must also be able to grow with the company and feel appreciated. At Service One, every year, drivers receive an annual review and a pay raise. As an industry leader, the company understands that if a driver does not feel appreciated or compensated fairly, they will leave to find something better.

Service One has distinguished itself in the industry as a pioneer and educator by identifying these primary sources of driver dissatisfaction and tailoring their practices to focus on retaining their drivers.

About Service One Transportation, Inc.: Service One Transportation, based in Plymouth, Wisconsin, provides a full range of trucking and logistics services, including truckload, volume less than truckload (LTL), and expedited shipping, throughout the forty-eight contiguous United States and all Canadian provinces. Dan Flagstad, Sr. founded Service One with a single truck in 1997; today, Dan Flagstad, Jr. oversees the family-owned and operated business, which employs more than fifty drivers.

Service One, "Where Great Service Lives" is currently looking for value-driven Class A CDL company drivers and owner-operators from the state of Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

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