A Beep, LLC Announces the Launch of New Managed Services Program Tailored for Student Transportation

JOLIET, Ill., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Beep/School-Radio announced today the launch of its Managed Services Program specifically tailored for schools and student transportation fleets of all sizes.

While the general goal of the program is to make the managing of an organization’s communications needs as easy and as affordable as possible, the main objective is to make the operational costs of your push-to-talk services a fixed budget point. The program accomplishes this by including everything at a single cost. The device, service, and maintenance are all embedded in a unified package.

Behind this simple program lies a robust system that allows School-Radio to reach virtually everywhere service is needed. School-Radio offers an unprecedented amount of coverage, control, and redundancy that simply isn’t possible with traditional radio systems. It accomplishes this by utilizing cellular infrastructure for connectivity and cloud-based geo redundant servers to manage traffic and system features. All of this is done while retaining a familiar form factor that almost every school administrator and bus operator is familiar with, a traditional two-way radio.  

"We currently service bus fleets not only here in the Chicagoland area but across the country as well. The two largest pain points we have identified in working with these fleets is consistent budgeting and coverage issues. We strived to eliminate the first hurdle by creating a program that is all inclusive for a single cost. You know what you are paying and there are no surprises when a device has an issue. It simply gets replaced quickly and with no added costs. We resolved the second point by leveraging PoC (Push-To-Talk over Cellular) technology to provide fleets coverage in their home operating areas or wherever you go. The benefit to this technology is not only the increased coverage footprint, but also the elimination of costly infrastructure and FCC licensing," says A Beep’s General Manager, Michael Ippolito.

Launching with both a mobile and portable device the overall system boasts a large feature set making it extremely flexible for customization to the specific fleet’s needs. Some of the available features are group and private calling, SOS (Emergency), recording, and optional GPS. Computer dispatch software as well as IOS and Android applications round out the offering.  

Media Contact:
Susan Hibsch