7 Mistakes to Avoid and Find the Right Techs Faster: Technician Find Podcast

Rick Selover, host of Mind-Wrench Podcast features guest Christopher T. Lawson, Founder of Technician Find for a discussion on the top 7 mistakes independent auto and collision repair shops make when looking for technicians, and how to avoid them.

OCEANSIDE, Calif., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Technician Find Founder Christopher T. Lawson appeared as a guest on the Mind-Wrench podcast, hosted by Rick Selover. In the episode, Lawson and Selover discussed the top 7 mistakes that independent automotive, diesel and collision repair shops make when looking for skilled technicians to join their team. They also discussed what shops can do to avoid these mistakes and hire high-quality technicians faster.

Lawson covered a wide range of mindsets, tactics and strategies including:

  • What is the most important thing that you can mention in your ads no matter what position you are hiring for?
  • How can you create help wanted ads that deliver the right message to prospective employees?
  • How do you tell a story about your shop that attracts technicians?
  • How do you find techs who are employed and aren’t actively looking for work?
  • What does it take to be successful finding technicians on social media?
  • Why is throwing more money at job boards a losing proposition?
  • What is the best way to make sure that you don’t find yourself in a pinch when an employee quits on you?
  • And much more…

“Finding the right technicians is a frustrating but necessary aspect of running a successful repair business in the automotive or collision industry,” said Lawson. “I’ve seen shops make a lot of mistakes over the past five plus years and waste a lot of time and money in the process. Hopefully this podcast episode will help shops avoid some of these common pitfalls and allow them to find the right techs faster.”

Independent automotive, autobody and diesel repair shop owners and managers can listen to the full podcast here: 7 Mistakes to Avoid & Find the Right Techs Faster! [PODCAST]

About Technician Find

Technician Find was founded by Christopher T. Lawson in 2018. Technician Find provides mechanic for hire and technicians for hire sourcing services for auto and truck repair shops nationwide. Services provided by TechnicianFind.com include ad copywriting, on-demand technician recruitment courses and coaching, geotargeted ad placement, and much more. Visit www.technicianfind.com for more information.

About The Mind-Wrench Podcast

Produced and Hosted by Rick Selover, this podcast is dedicated to coaching, training and guidance that specifically addresses the “soft skills” (Mindset, attitude and leadership styles) required for business success in the collision repair industry. Visit https://rickselover.com/services/ for more information.

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